Hurricane Roll Up / Roll Down Shutters

At the touch of a button - your shutters go down and you are prepared. Shutters are not just protecting you from hurricanes also from "unwanted guests". Have them made with a motor, or roll them up and down manually. Our shutters are constructed of extruded aluminum that offers strength without compromising on beauty. Designed to protect the structure against storm force winds and driving rains. The shutters JS Construction 2 LLC installs are fully approved in Miami-Dade County, passing stringent Dade and Broward County impact and wind loading tests.

Advantages of Roll Down shutters

  • Are permanently affixed above the windows and don't require any extra storage space.
  • Can easily be made storm-ready by one person.
  • Offer some of the best protection, and make an excellent theft deterrent.


  • Most expensive of the popular shutter systems.
  • Push-button-operated roll-down shutters require a battery backup system so the shutters can be lowered and raised during power outages.


Average cost: $30-$55 per square foot

Average storm preparation time: Minimum; probably the easiest shutter to operate.

We also repair all types of motorized and mechanical rolling shutters. In addition, we service all types of hurricane shutters, lubricate system and locks.

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