Hurricane Screens

Strong, light weight, see through hurricane protection screen that is great for patios, front door entrances & balconies.

We offer various design features that are nearly invisible when not in use and is one of the many reasons our clients choose this form of protection. Others choose it because it has the ability to cover larger openings on larger homes and balconies. Hurricane screens protect not only the windows and doors behind the screen but all the patio furniture, barbeque grill etc. behind the screen. A great time saver by not having to move all the patio items inside. 

Key Benefits

  • Protects large areas
  • Allows light and air in but not hurricane strength winds
  • Can strengthen over-hanging roof structures
  • Miami-Dade approved with Notice of Acceptance (NOA)
  • Custom fit for each opening
  • Allows Egress
  • Easy to store
  • Light weight & easy to use

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Hurricane Screens for High Rise Buildings

Our screens are perfect for high rise building and can be used on balconies and common areas alike covering larger spaces that other forms of hurricane protection can not. Used on your balcony you will have daylight in your home and you can keep all your balcony furniture outside on your balcony where it belongs. All year long when there is no threat of hurricanes our screens are virtually invisible and can be stored away like a blanket. 

impact tested

Static Air Pressure: design load +/- 60 psf. Test specimen taken to 90 psf with no resultant weakening of the test specimen.

Impact Test – Large Missile: 2” x 4” board weighing 9 lbs impacted at speed exceeding 50 ft/ sec.  No penetration or damage to test subject. Maximum test require impact of a specimen, once in the corner and once in the middle with a large missile. Our screen was struck three times in the same location with no resulting damage or weakening of the test specimen.

Fatigue Load Test: Design +/- 60psf. No weakening of the screen system was noted.
Note: Three separate screen specimens were tested as per Dade County requirements. Although it was allowable to change the track attachment system with each specimen, it was decided to use the same track system for all tests. The repeated stress throughout the entire testing series had no resultant effects on the strength or stability of the track system.

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